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Designer and Manufacturer of Innovative Optical Components and Subsystems

Lightwaves2020 ‘s mission is to enable the next generation of dynamic optical networks and reduce the cost of optical communication through innovative technology. As a result, we have developed a full array of integrated and intelligent fiber optic components and subsystems, from Ultra Compact EDFAs to Intelligent Liquid Crystal-Based VOA Arrays, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Multiple Technology Platforms

Our product designs incorporate technologies such as liquid crystals, precision thin film coatings and proprietary packaging. The adoption of such diverse materials and manufacturing techniques gives us a high degree of flexibility in our designs and allows us to remain on the industry’s leading edge as existing technologies mature and new ones emerge.

Comprehensive Product Line

Our standard products include a full array of both active and passive components and subsystems such as high speed VOA, High speed tunable filter, high speed polarization controller, OCM, low-cost compact EDFAs, intelligent VOAs and arrays, optical monitors and arrays, low insertion loss WDM modules, optical add/drop modules and intelligent WDM modules. We also provide customized module designs and integration services.

Fast Turnaround and Volume Production

Our highly successful product development and manufacturing operations teams can guide products from initial concept to volume production in just a few months. Our engineering capabilities cover optical, mechanical, electrical and software design.

Our 55,000 sq-foot facility features state-of-the-art production and testing equipment which enables us to achieve volume production in the USA.

Close communication between our design, prototyping, production, quality control and customer service teams also enhances our ability to provide a fast turnaround in our products and services.

Superior Quality and Reliability

At Lightwaves2020, product reliability and quality are ensured throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Lightwaves2020 is certified to the ISO 9001 standard and all of our products conform to the Telcordia reliability requirements.

Financial Strength

Lightwaves2020 is a privately held company founded by experienced executives and technologists, including the founders of ETEK/JDSU and other prominent Silicon Valley companies. The company is well funded and our employee team is fully committed to delivering superior optical solutions with a view to serving the long-term needs of our customers.

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