Lightwaves2020 Introduces Two MSA Compliant Compact EDFAs

MILPITAS, CA, August 28, 2002 – Lightwaves2020, an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of fiber optic components, introduces a Gain Block and Full-Function EDFA that conform to the MSA (multi-source agreement) for compact EDFAs. This important agreement among major optical component manufacturers provides a multiple vendor source for standardized EDFAs with a common form factor and adjustable functionality. “By adopting the MSA requirements, Lightwaves2020 is able to provide more options to its customers, especially greater design flexibility, field upgrade capability and direct drop-in replacement for their existing EDFAs,” states Ms. Joy Jiang, Senior Applications Engineer at Lightwaves2020. “Through introducing our MSA compliant Gain Block and Full-Function EDFA, we are helping system designers future-proof themselves and their designs by providing them with yet another source for these critical optical devices.”

The Gain-Block EDFA has MSA-compliant physical dimensions of 90x70x12mm and a 20-pin electrical interface. Inside, the module includes an un-cooled 980 nm pump laser (a cooled pump is optional), input/output isolators, tap monitors and a coil of optimized erbium-doped fiber. External control electronics are required to bias the pumps, stabilize the pump temperature and detect the input/output monitor.

With physical dimensions of 90x70x15mm and a 30-pin interface, the Full-Function EDFA also conforms to MSA requirements. The module adds intelligence to the basic gain block by integrating it with a high-speed RS232 or I2C digital interface, allowing all-in-one remote control and monitoring. On the control side, the Full-Function EDFA is capable of 3 different, fully interchangeable control modes: Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic Power Control (APC) and Automatic Constant pump Current (ACC). On the monitoring side, the Full-Function EDFA reports the input optical power, output optical power, pump status and module temperatures. A series of alarms are also provided to monitor the operating status.

Both the Gain Block and Full-Function EDFA have 4 output options-10, 12, 14 and 16 dBm- which enables them to deliver the exact power needed by specific applications, thereby reducing power consumption and operating costs. The EDFAs are designed to amplify single or multiple channels in the C-band.

According to Ms. Jiang, the Gain Block and Full-Function EDFA offer excellent performance, including a small noise figure (NF) and excellent transient performance for multi-channel applications. In addition, they are shipped optimized as either a pre-amp or a booster for use in single channel or narrowband applications. A gain flattening filter (GFF) option is also available.

Like all Lightwaves2020 products, the MSA compatible Gain Block and Full-Function EDFAs are fully Telcordia compliant.

About Lightwaves 2020
Lightwaves2020 was founded by optical technology pioneer J.J. Pan to meet the increasing demand for innovative, high performance, and low cost fiberoptic components and subsystems. Drawing on the experience and expertise of a highly talented team of engineers and scientists, Lightwaves2020 is developing and manufacturing a full range of integrated optical solutions, including intelligent WDM modules, VOAs, fiber lasers, low-cost EDFAs, DWDMs, OADMs and optical power monitors.

Looking towards the future, Lightwaves2020’s integration platform provides a solid foundation for creating the breakthrough products and technologies of tomorrow and offering a broad array of technology choices, integrated, multifunctional devices and custom integration solutions to its customers.

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