Lightwaves2020 Unveils the j2waves Handheld Transceiver Tester Milpitas, CA, April 6, 2006

– Lightwaves2020, Inc., a leading innovator and provider of fiber optic products and services, recently announced the launch of the j2waves instrumentation product line with the introduction of the Handheld Transceiver Tester, Model LW1011a. The Handheld Transceiver Tester is a sleek, lightweight fiber optic network tester, which combines the functions of three separate testers into one unit and operates at multiple wavelengths with maximum accuracy and sensitivity.

The multi-functional Tester incorporates the advanced capabilities of a Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA), an Input Power Meter and an Output Power Controller. It is designed for field and on-site tasks, such as transceiver optical performance testing, transmission characteristics testing, system accuracy testing and auto leveling controlling. The Tester performs as an attenuator or a power meter. It can also control the attenuation and power output to test the sensitivity of a transmitter and receiver allowing the user to perform a comprehensive series of analytical tests. In the Transceiver sensitivity sweep and the Power profiling functions, the Tester can be set to activate when a user-defined value matches the measurement by an internal or external source.

An engineer, laboratory personnel or technician, can use the Tester for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting various links in optical networks. The Tester gives them the ability to test for attenuation (loss), power input and output, and simulate an optical link between a transmitter and receiver before installation. In sweep mode with a BER tester for transmission equipment, the Tester helps set the minimum input/output power and acceptable signal loss required, to bring the system to within acceptable ranges. After tests are completed, the Tester displays the results in table or graph form. The results can then be transferred via the Internet, or stored locally or on a memory card for distribution and future analysis.

Embedded with a pocket PC, the Tester provides a workspace for managing test data, composing email, browsing the Internet and working with the standard office programs. Upgrades of software can be installed via the wireless connection or USB port using the ActiveSync utility, transferred from another pocket PC or memory media, or downloaded from the Internet. The tester is Bluetooth-enabled and contains 64MB SDRAM and up to 256MB Flash ROM. Built-in in the pocket PC are expansion card slots that support CompactFlash Type II and Secure Digital/SDIO Now!/MMC.

About j2waves
j2waves is Lightwaves2020’s new flagship product line which offers standard or customized handheld, benchtop, and rackmount fiber optic instruments developed for telecommunications, defense, biomedical, laboratories, and other commercial implementations. Utilizing Lightwaves2020’s proprietary Liquid Crystal and Thin-Film Filter technologies makes j2waves a reliable family of products. These products are all manufactured in the USA and RoHS compliant.

About Lightwaves 2020
Lightwaves2020 was founded by optical technology pioneer J.J. Pan to meet the increasing demand for innovative, high performance, and low cost fiberoptic components and subsystems. Drawing on the experience and expertise of a highly talented team of engineers and scientists, Lightwaves2020 is developing and manufacturing a full range of integrated optical solutions, including intelligent WDM modules, VOAs, fiber lasers, low-cost EDFAs, DWDMs, OADMs and optical power monitors.

Looking towards the future, Lightwaves2020’s integration platform provides a solid foundation for creating the breakthrough products and technologies of tomorrow and offering a broad array of technology choices, integrated, multifunctional devices and custom integration solutions to its customers.

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