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High Speed Tunable Filter

The Lightwaves2020 Fiber-Optics High Speed Tunable Filter is a tunable optical filter to choose specified wavelength over certain range. The wavelength tuning is achieved by applying a control voltage. The typical wavelength scanning frequency is > 1kHz.

This tunable filter can be customized to different operation wavelengths and scanning range. In addition to low polarization dependent loss (PDL) performance, its thermal stability is exceptional with a TEC package.

Datasheet (PDF): High Speed Tunable Filter



  • Excellent thermal stability

  • High scanning speed

  • Small package size

  • Customizable sweep range

  • High resolution for accurate spectrum analysis

  • Low insertion loss

  • Low PDL



  • High resolution optical spectrum analysis (OSA)

  • Optical performance monitoring (OPM) and optical channel monitoring (OCM)

  • Tunable channel Add /Drop for WDM

  • Tunable optical noise filtering

  • Tunable laser and instrument

  • Optical IR spectroscopy

  • Sensor application and Optical / Electronic Warfare

  • Biomedical imaging and testing

  • Medical diagnosis

  • Environmental Protection, food safety, anti-drug and anti-terrism applications